About Us

Exceptional Pre-engineered Metal Building Supplier & Steel Building Erection

Nationally recognized Supplier and Erector of Metal Building Systems

Supplying and constructing the highest quality steel buildings in the nation. We work with GENERAL CONTRACTORS, OWNERS, and MANUFACTURING PARTNERS throughout the United States.

Highly qualified and certified, working with us makes PEMB construction easy. We offer a wide range of construction services from simply supplying you with the perfect metal building system or a full-scope design-build construction project — where we handle everything from engineering to closeout.

Helping companies and clients reach their goals for any project big or small, simple to extremely complex. We dispatch quality Division 13 crew members with on-site management to meet our client’s needs.

Division 13


Skilled craftsmen and high-trained construction specialists, Division 13 crew members have in-depth knowledge of specific construction skills and components.

Focusing on skills like complex steel structure systems and how to safely construct a PEMB, DD Construction’s Divison 13 Crew assures your project is completed to the highest standards.

Materials and building erection are crucial components of the construction process. Using the appropriate materials directly impacts the structural integrity, aesthetics, and functionality of a building. Our high regard for engineering standards allows for the seamless assembly of metal structures, encompassing efficient building erection, careful planning, trade coordination, and adherence to construction timelines.



Metal Building Erection Only
Whether you are in Denver or anywhere else in the Mountain West Region, we can partner with you or your company to provide turnkey erection services like:

  • Erection with Labor and Equipment
  • Metal Building Erection – Labor Only

All erection services come with a highly-skilled foreman and/or superintendent. Our teams also bring all the tools we need to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Regardless of where you purchased it or who manufactured it, DD Construction is AC478 Certified and can construct your metal building system accurately and safely.

  • Butler Mfg. Builder

  • $2M Aggregate insurance

  • $1M per occurrence

  • $1M Commercial Auto

  • Worker’s Comp

  • $1M Bonding Capacity

Certified & insured metal building constructionservices

You want high-quality construction that you can rely on. DD Construction holds the most important PEMB certifications in the industry — credentials that guarantee the highest standards are met on your project.


Honesty and Integrity. Guaranteed. Your project is our top priority and we’ll bid on it fairly and accurately.

Customer service and quality work created our reputation. You’ll see why people all over the mountain west region choose us for their metal building systems and other PEMB components.

Too many of our clients have been plagued by “erectors” that breeze in, underbid the project, and then proceed to destroy their hopes of a successful build. We’ve heard stories of immediately issued change orders and metal building contractors leaving before the project is even complete.

You can avoid that. When you choose DD Construction, we will show up, turn out, and complete your project — regardless of location or project challenges.

We are as reliable and efficient as the buildings we create.

Contact Us Now For Better Project Outcomes

You’ve decided you’re ready to build and you want DD Construction as your metal building erection company — it’s never too early to get us involved.

Working with your architect or design firm, we help forecast design and site issues and can easily procure the metal building system your project needs. A tidy supply and building erection package will keep everything cost-effective and is formed with your best interests in mind: that’s why our customers keep choosing us.

If you feel DD Construction is your go-to erector for your upcoming project the earlier we get involved the better! We can help with Building design, procurement, and installation through a very clean supply erect package. We will help your architect design the right project and walk you through the steps to make your project a smooth transition from permit to completion.

Know safety. No injuries.


Since day one, we’ve worked to maintain a safe and productive work environment. Our goal is for zero work injuries on every project, and so far we are on track.

Construction is a dangerous business and, like in life, accidents can happen at any time — but they’re more common in construction. We take our crew’s safety seriously and focus on safety precautions in training, on the construction site, and at every step along the way.

We use empirically proven methods to communicate critical safety information and assure that everyone on a DD Construction team goes home. Methods like:

Weekly Toolbox Talks – an open discussion about safety topics and current best practices

Stretch and Flex Morning Routines – limiting physical injuries through proper body mechanics

Stand Down Meetings – scheduled before dangerous construction activities, these meetings coordinate the team and point out critical areas where extra caution is demanded.

When we work safely, our crews are also more efficient and timelines are shorter than with a rush job. Your PEMB will last for decades if erected correctly, so safety is also part of quality assurance on your project.


We understand the unique needs of the agriculture industry and offer comprehensive solutions for agricultural construction projects. From barns and storage facilities to processing plants and livestock shelters, our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver efficient and durable structures. Whether you need a small-scale agricultural building or a large-scale complex, we are here to bring your agricultural vision to life.


Our expertise extends to a wide range of commercial projects. Whether it’s office buildings, restaurants, or multi-purpose complexes, we have the skills and experience to deliver high-quality construction. Trust us to bring your commercial vision to reality with our comprehensive construction solutions.


With our expertise in metal building construction, we provide comprehensive solutions for warehousing needs. From storage and logistics facilities to distribution centers, we design and erect structures that optimize space utilization and operational efficiency.


Entrust us with your data center construction needs. We comprehend the critical nature of data centers and deliver reliable, secure, and scalable solutions. Our team is well-versed in creating robust infrastructures to accommodate the demands of modern data processing and storage.


We have extensive experience in constructing transfer stations and recycling centers. Our team understands the unique requirements of waste management facilities and ensures the design and construction align with efficient operations and environmental considerations.


Metal buildings are an ideal choice for automotive facilities, including service centers, tire shops, and dealerships. We have partnered with renowned clients like Firestone Auto Care and local dealerships, translating their visions into reality. Let us bring your new automotive facility to life with our expertise in constructing functional and efficient spaces.


We excel in working with insulated metal panels, catering to diverse requirements like cold storage and clean rooms. As certified installers of Kingspan, we offer turn-key solutions for temperature-controlled projects. Count on us to deliver fully enclosed and climate-controlled spaces using top-quality insulated panels, racking systems, and ceiling coverage.


Partner with us for your industrial warehouse projects. We collaborate with manufacturers, creating new facilities such as distribution centers, fabrication shops, and storage warehouses. Our team is dedicated to providing the additional space you require for seamless industrial operations.


Our skilled team specializes in aviation hangar erection, having completed projects of various sizes. From small private hangars to large-scale commercial hangars, we use our expertise to ensure efficient and reliable construction. With a track record of successful projects like the 25,000-square-foot hangar for NetJets at Centennial Airport, we are your preferred choice for aviation hangar erection.

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